Pea Gravel


Pea Gravel is an attractive natural aggregate with chestnut browns and multi-coloured tones and is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful, natural-looking feature in any garden area.

Pea Gravel Sizes

This attractive gravel is a quartz aggregate in a semi-rounded shape, ranging from 6-25mm. It’s best laid 4-5cm deep. Pea Gravel is also available in 10-14mm.

Pea Gravel Uses

This is a lovely, natural Pea Gravel, often referred to as Trent Pea Gravel due to its rounded shape. It’s used extensively as a good all-round mulch in all landscaping or ground cover applications.

Pea Gravel is great for driveways, paths, patios or landscape areas and beautifully complements water features.