Sawn Grey Sandstone

Sawn Grey is a very unique and modern looking sandstone with predominantly grey colour with slight tones of yellows and browns with polished, sawn finish to give that luxurious feel.

The colours are only a reference and because of the nature of natural stone, there may be slight colour variation with tones and patterns.

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Sawn Grey 600 Series 4 Mixed Sizes with smooth Machine Cut edges- It is a beautiful grey sandstone that originates from India from a place called as Kandla, hence popularly known as Kandla Grey or even Promenade as it gives that very warm-ish Promenade look on a sunny morning. It really stands out as a very unique colour after it is laid. It is Sawn on top so it is nice and smooth for that luxurious feeling. It is Machine Cut (i.e) it undergoes a process of Calibration to even out thickness of slabs to 20 mm nominal.